input format: Input file must be a list of PPIs where each PPI takes one line and interactors are separated by comma/tab/space. If your input file is a spreadsheet in a matrix, you can try to use the PPIconvert program in DSD package to convert your file into a PPI list file.

force (f[01]) : If checked, force DSD to calculate DSD between all pairs of nodes regardless of connectedness; otherwise only calculate for the largest connected component. Disabled, namely for the largest component by default.

Verbose(-v[01]): Sets verbosity of feedback to stdout or log file. A value of 1 will only display errors and warnings, and 0 will display a list of chains as they are loaded. Default value is 1.

DSD matrix: Output DSD in a matrix

DSD list: Output DSD for each PPI in input list

rank list: Output a ranked DSD list for each node

k(-k <NTOP>): number of nodes with lowest DSD if chosen to output a ranked list for each node with NTOP nodes with lowest DSD

nRW(-n <NRW>): length of random walks

Converged DSD: Calculate the converged DSD, ignore the settings for length of random walks if checked.